Get Ready To Fly: Our Top 10 Travel Tips + Tricks

It is that time again when I am about to travel back to my home country the USA! I used to work in travel and went all over Europe and the USA and got obsessively good at packing my carry on luggage and purse. So here are my must-haves for the long flight along with some tips: 

  1. Wear comfy but put together clothing. I am always shocked when people wear jeans on flights. Who are these people and how are they surviving seven-hour flights?! I find my entire body gets puffy so I like to wear leggings, scarves, oversized sweaters etc. You can still look really put together while being ridiculously ready for a nap. When I worked in travel I used to look comfy and do a quick change when I landed for my meeting on the other side. 
  2. Roll your clothing. This is a life lesson that everyone must know. One of the best ways to keep your clothing compact, neat, and organized is the roll method. I learned this in high school when I tried to fit a whole room into one suitcase while studying abroad. Trust me. Go look up a tutorial and it will change your life. 
  3. Get to the airport early. Now I know that some people like to be 'cool' and are like 'oh yeah I get to the airport 40 min prior to my flight' like a badass. These people have it wrong. Take off early. Grab a pint in the airport pub. Read a book. That is being an even better badass. Also, you are on time in case something happens with your flight and you can advocate for what you need. 
  4. Bring a water bottle. This little tip has saved me over the years. Either bring an empty bottle through security or buy a bottle when you are inside. I find on trips I forget to drink enough water and I am always thirsty at the wrong time. Bringing the bottle helps as you can usually fill them up at water stations after security and then you have something mid-flight, or in the taxi/subway once you land.  
  5. Nice luggage. I know that not everyone has the time or money to make this happen. But TK or TJMaxx is your friend. My parents bought me a set when I was traveling for work in the US and it was the best thing that ever happened. When I say nice I mean a hard case with lovely sections inside for all your needs. These bad boys are awesome, standard carry on size, and will always make it through the terrifying scrutiny of the 'Is your suitcase too large' check! 
  6. Hand sanitizer. You can get these at the airport or nice ones at a lotion store. My friend Amelia carries these with her and I've started copying her. When you're bopping around there isn't always time to wash hands etc so this can hang out in your purse for when you need it. 

List and Pictures of Travel Suggestions From The Fuzzy Bee

  1. Take this opportunity to put down your phone. I am super guilty of not following this rule but I am trying to get back into reading (gasp!) actual books. If you hate reading on the plane you can also download audible and have some books pre-loaded on your phone to listen to. Starting a trip with a really good book can be so nice and gets you into a world away from phones and noise. Above is the book I just got for my trip back to the US! 
  2. Mahabis are actually a godsend. Ok, so I only wear these bad boys in the house and on airplanes. When I do wear them in the airport I get so many questions on if they are actually amazing and my answer is YES. They are the perfect plane wear. They have fuzzy insides and keep my feet super warm. They are not tight and are basically a glorified slipper. Plus they have the detachable sole if needed. 
  3. Bring one of those ugly pillow things. True story. I never used to bring these but now that I go home to visit my parents and family in the US I live by these stupid things. Adam and I even have his and hers with the memory foam. They are ugly and take up so much space and it is all worth it in the end. 
  4. Yes, you can bring wine with you. Ok so for this time around to the USA I am trying something new to let you know how it goes. We fly Norwegian air, a budget airline, and I love them but there is no meal or drinks on the flight unless you pay a ridiculous amount. Our flight is at 7 pm and there is nothing I want more than some wine and a good movie. So this time I got some cute plastic cups and we are getting some mini vino bottles with us. If all goes well this is my genius hack!
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