NEWS FLASH! The UK is an incredibly rainy place. I moved here two years ago and kind of ignored the warning signs that I was moving from a place with actual seasons to a place that has actual rain 24 hours, 365 days a year. So the power of the doormat here is serious. I had a bunch of materials left over from Christmas and this weekend decided to make it into a little Girl Power action for my back steps. (I don't think Adam minds as cat Willow and I outnumber him!)


  • Medium Bristle Paint Brush (£2 Hobby Craft)
  • Desired colored Acrylic Paint (£3 Hobby Craft) 
  • Adhesive spray (£3 Hobby Craft) 
  • Plain Door Mat (£7 Ikea) 
  • Space to create your design 
  • Font selected for your mat


1. I have tried doing these mats a couple different ways and find that painting the letters by hand helped it stay intact longer rather than spray paint. First, I use black acrylic on these and pour the paint into a plastic container and make sure I have a medium sized paint brush ready to go. 

2. If you are unsure of what you want your script to look like I recommend printing something out and choosing a font you like. This will serve as your guide to space the lettering. I print an A4 piece of paper with my desired font and phrase and place it next to the mat so I can eyeball how I want my script layout to be. 

3. Next, I lightly outline the layout of the letters on the mat using a very light touch of the paint brush. This allows me to make sure I like the spacing and make sure everything is centered. Once you are satisfied, use an up and down motion with the paintbrush and start painting the letters. You want to make sure you are using the up and down motion to make sure the paint is getting into the mat bristles. 

4. Once you are satisfied with the mat and letters, let dry. You can make any additional edits or touch-ups once your mat has dried! After you are totally done you can use an adhesive spray over the mat. These mats can survive outside for about 6 months to a year without fading. If you want them to truly survive the Scottish weather they do best inside. 

P.S. If you are totally scared you can also make a stencil of the lettering and use the same paint method paint over your stencil! So don't panic if you are unsure of the lettering desired. Message me with any questions below!

DIY Girl Power Door Mat

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