Fuzzy Bee Bookclub: Our July Read

GUYS! I'm actually releasing the book club read at the BEGINNING of the month! WHOOP! I'm going to try releasing them within the first couple days of the month from now on so you get a full 4 weeks to hang out with me and read! 

This month I picked a book that was on multiple suggested reading lists and Amazon kept beeping at me saying, GET IT! It is a beautifully written book by Helen Oyeyemi


FUZZY Bee Book Club: Our July Read

FUZZY Bee Book Club: Our July Read


This month is also not for cocktails it's always reserved for ROSE! Every year I look forward to the warm weather so I can pour myself a glass of Rose and hang out in the garden. I'm also in love with Rose Ciders if you can find one. A local place near my parents makes some and it is SOOO good!

I picked an Italian Blush Rose from Tesco and I simply sliced up some apples to make it pretty and bit tart. So snag a bottle and get reading! 


FUZZY Bee Book Club: Our July Read

FUZZY Bee Book Club: Our July Read


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