Gift Wrap DIY: How To Create The Most Adorable Boho Wrap

I have been so excited to show you guys the gift wrap I am doing this year! I wanted a way to use up a bunch of the party goodies, craft supplies, and sparkly things in my studio so I decided to go a bit bohemian with this year packaging! 

To show off all the bits and bobs, I decided to use a simple krfat paper and splatter paint it with some white acrylic paint. Then I gathered a bunch of my favorite items and curated the toppers of each package.

I'm also trying to get a bit better at showing you the step by step 'how to' in the blog! So are you ready? Here's hwo to create something super cute and special for under the tree WHILE reclying some of the bits and bobs in your home. 


What you'll need:

  • kraft wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • glitter paper/shapes
  • balloon string
  • mini trees
  • paper shapes
  • white acrylic paint 
  • paintbrush

1. Break out the paint.

2. Wrap your present.


3.. Gather your bits and bobs. 


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