How To Create A Perfect (And Fabulous) Gallery Wall

We absolutely love freshly styled art prints! When you get your gallery wall styled right it's like SHAZAM!

We get questions from our lovely customers on framing, matting, and hanging our very own Fuzzy Bee Prints, so we decided to do a little framing session with y'all in five easy steps! If you have some art hanging around or your walls need a fresh start then let's do this! It's super easy to make art in your home stand out and stay on trend. 

Fuzzy Bee Blog- How To Style A Gallery Wall



A big part of creating a gallery wall is choosing your pieces carefully. The best way to do this is to start and collect for a couple months or steal other pieces that already exist somewhere else in your home. There are two main rules I stick to when I start to collect, A) Diversify a gallery wall and collect different items to hang like ceramics, prints, macrame, postcards, paper and more! B) Pick a general theme, aesthetic, color scheme to your wall. For example, I have a Scandinavian/eclectic home. I use grey, pink, and green as the main decor color in my home. So I am going to collect pieces that reflect that vibe. I put some example below of some pieces that can all go together!  

Frida Kahlo Print

Frida Kahlo Print by The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company

Start by collecting some prints and nick nacks that all have a similar feel/color scheme to them. This Frida print is one of our top sellers and goes perfectly with some of our top picks below! 

Hanging Clock by East End Press

Peacocks Birchwood Clock by East End Press 

True confession, my house is covered with items from East End Press. I love the color and feel of all the work they do! Still need to snag this clock though! 


Gold Mirror by H&M

I am a big fan of the new H&M home collection! It is super lux and super affordable. I have a couple of these mirrors and they are a great way to add some metallics to your gallery wall! 

Thug Life Plate Thug Life Plate by Shabby Glaze

One of my favorite things to do is hang plates with my frames! I love cheeky ones like the one above by Shabby Glaze. Plates with character are the best!


The next step is to pick your frames. My mom always taught me to select frames as though they are a family. An easy way to do this is to select frames for your pieces that are the same color. Another way it to be a bit more eclectic and choose frames that all look cohesive. They can have a different thickness, textural quality, or maybe mix in two/three colors that vibe together. You can see some examples of that look in the example pics here on the blog. 

Farmes Example

Question time: Where do you get frames? 
Answer: Ikea, TK Maxx, B&Q, Amazon, H&M, B&M, thrift stores 


So, what I like to do next is assemble some mockup options for how you want your frame wall to look. Basically, you want to play around with the frames until you find a scenario that you like. Once you have decided what mockup is best you will hang it that way onto the wall. I tend to lay the frames down right onto the floor in front of the space so you get an idea of spacing. You can mix and match what you want as seen below.

Frame Mockup



The last step is to hang it up on the wall in the exact way your floor mockup looks. If you are a bit nervous about the height, I recommend that you do paper mockups (see picture below). It is crucial to hang your pieces high or low enough that they fit perfectly in relation to your furniture. Hanging a gallery wall is a bit different from just hanging one piece. I base the height on how I want it to visually look with the whole room or featured furniture piece.

Annnd that's it! If you are looking for some artwork, we got you covered! Shop our frame shop here. 

Example Gallery Wall

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