Iced Coffee DIY 

  1. Set your grinder to its most coarse setting, and check a little of its output before doing the full grind. You want the grind to be chunky like fine breadcrumbs. If you don't own a grinder no worries, let your local coffee shop grind it for you and tell them what size you need. 
  2. Sterilise a large container. For trendy people use a mason jar for practicality use an old milk container :)  Add the ground coffee and water to your container working from a 1:8 coffee-to-water ratio. Put the grounds in the bottom of the container, and cover with the cold water.
  3. Stir or shake the container until it is all combined. Cover and leave to steep for 18-24 hours in the fridge. (So it is ready to go!!!) 
  4. When brewed, strain into a large bowl through a sieve to remove the larger grounds and discard. With the remaining liquid use a muslin sheet or a filter to slowly pour the coffee back into the original container. The first time you do it there may be a lot of residue grind. 
  5. After two or three times you should see less residue. If you cannot seem to sift it all out don't sweat it, the grind may have been a bit fine. Make it a bit chunkier next time! 
  6. I serve my cold brew with just milk. It is a bit rich compared to the average cold coffee so feel free to add some sugar! 
  7. Cover and refrigerate. It can last up to month. But let's be will drink it all before then. 

I got my recipe from Jamie Oliver! :) 

Cold Brew How To

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