4th of July Party

I never used to be into The 4th of July when I was little. To be honest, I took it for granted. School was out, so it wasn't a life-changing holiday in my books. As an adult, I have learned to LOVE the 4th of July. It's a day off to eat good food, throw a bash, and drink some beers in the sunshine. It is also a great time to be with friends or family. 

Living abroad makes the holiday even more fun to celebrate! No one has any expectations and it is super fun to throw a summertime bash. This year I have my shit together and I've been searching the web for some cute and fun decor, yard games, and food! Here are some of my current favorites that I am thinking of including! Let me know what you guys think. Of course, I'll post some pictures of what I decide to do! 

4th of july image

1. S'Mores Cups  2. Paper Rockets  3. Streamers 4. Favor Bags 5. Balloon Bikes 6. Icecream Sandwiches  7. 4th Of July Headband  8. Suns Out Buns Out Burger Printable

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