Fuzzy Bee DIY: Applique Jumper DIY

I have had this DIY in my back pocket for a long time and I finally got the time to go shoot it's AWESOMENESS this past weekend. This DIY was so much fun to make and one of the easiest things I've ever done on the blog.

What I love is that you can use whatever jumper you want! I went all out with leopard and pink but you can create a thousand options! It's also perfect for a last minute personalized Christmas pressie if you need one up your sleeve! Or you can just make one for yourself over the holidays! Here's how we did it:   

Fuzzy Bee Jumper DIY

DIY Jumper



  • We decided to do our applique right on the back of the jumper with smaller threaded design on the front! The directions are for creating the exact look from the pictures. Feel free to experiment and do something totally different if you want! 
  • Using your chosen applique, pick 3-5 threads that match the design. Taking your thread start threading in and out. Do 30-50 stitches in and out of the jumper creating an organic, round shape.  
  • Keep rotating colors of thread and creating the sections of color as show above. You can make this area on the jumper as big or small as you like. We tied off each section on the inside of the jumper. 

DIY Applique Jumper

DIY Applique Jumper

  • Once you are happy with the section you have threaded in the front, it's time to do the back! Our applique was HUGE and AWESOME! So we opted to do a big statement in the backside. 
  • Follow the directions on the applique glue. We first places the applique in it's desired position, laying the jumper flat on a table. 
  • Then glue the larger flowers/areas of the applique first, let dry
  • Come back and start gluing all of the smaller bits of the applique, let dry
  • Now you are ready to go fashionista! 

DIY Applique Jumper

DIY Applique Jumper

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