Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

I haven't done a studio tour in a really, really, REALLY, long time! GAH! So I decided to clean up my space and take you guys on a little tour around the digs. 

It is sometimes hard to remember when I started The Fuzzy Bee in my two bedroom apartment in Boston, Massachusettes. I smashed my drawing table into my small back bedroom and kept all of my stock in there as well. As you can imagine, it was hilarious.

When I moved to Glasgow, Adam promised me my very own room (gasp!). So I am super spoiled in my baby studio and it is the one totally pink and crazy room in the house. It's filled with a lot of stock, lots of fun, and sometimes my studio cat Miss Willow. 

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

The studio is super small and I sometimes explode over into the guest room when I am doing printing or big orders. My solution was to go crazy with the shelving so I can keep a lot of products out and ready for orders.

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Studio Tour- Pencil Holders

I painted these little pots a couple months ago for a blog post that never happened. Now they are my happy little pen holders and LOVE them! Maybe one day they will go in the shop (cause I have a million of them!) and they are meant to have little babe cacti in them. 

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tote Bags

Tote land! I got this basket from H&M Home a couple weeks ago #love

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Fuzzy Bee Studio Desk

I do all of my drawings on a Wacom tablet and my trusty Dell laptop! As you can see, I am a bit obsessed with note and calendars and I am always writing notes to myself. I have no idea how other people can be so organized!

fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

Most of my furniture is IKEA! I freaking love Ikea. But a couple weeks ago I outgrew my filing cabinet and I decided to go big or go home. I bought this jumbo pink cabinet and the thing is totally awesome! 

Fuzzy Bee Mugs

Mug land! SHOP: Beyonce Mug, Kindness Mug, and Queen Lizzy Mug

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour Cards

I get the 'what printer do you use' question a lot! When I first started printing in house, I bought an Epson R2000 and he is my BEST FRIEND. It is truly one of the best investments I made because I can print the majority of my stock inside the studio. Some of the super saturated cards I get printed for me so the color is perfect! Fun fact, I used this bad boy for most of my wedding invites as well. 

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Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

This is my OMG, I have so much stock and stuff to store area :) Enough said right? Do you see Bee-O?! 

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

Fuzzy Bee Studio

Our little collection of colorful Studio DIY clutches. 

Fuzzy Bee Studio

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