Casa Connelly: Fuzzy Bee Studio 'Before' Pictures

I haven't done a studio tour in a really, really, REALLY, long time! GAH! So I decided to clean up my space and take you guys on a little tour around the digs before I do a new paint job!

It is sometimes hard to remember when I started The Fuzzy Bee in my two bedroom apartment in Boston, Massachusettes. I smashed my drawing table into my small back bedroom and kept all of my stock in there as well. As you can imagine, it was hilarious.

When I moved to Glasgow, Adam promised me my very own room (gasp!). I am super spoiled in my baby studio and it's never really had the proper facelift it deserved. With stock, computers, and paint all over, it is finally time to bring my studio up to speed with our websites new look! 

Here is what our space looks like now: 

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

Studio Tour- Pencil Holders

Fuzzy Bee Studio Desk

Fuzzy Bee Studio Tour

I've been working on some ideas of how we want the studio to look and feel! So here are some of my current favorites! I'll be incorporating a lot of these ideas into our baby space! Coming soon in 2019! 

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