• Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: Florence, Italy

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  • Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: Porto, Portugal

    We did a little survey this year and one of the top answers back on what you guys wanted to see here was travel! We love traveling around Europe, and North America and in a past life 'tour consultant' was one of our hats! So it's super exciting for us to launch one of our first city guides and favorite cities: Porto!


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  • Get Ready To Fly: Our Top 10 Travel Tips + Tricks

    It is that time again when I am about to travel back to my home country the USA! I used to work in travel and went all over Europe and the USA and got obsessively good at packing my carry on luggage and purse. So here are my must-haves for the long flight along with some tips.  View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: London, UK

    Adam and I went on a wee jaunt to London last month to visit our friend Mary and Aaron! It was a fabulous trip for us to get away and visit with friends. In the past, I've always gone with work so it was great to be away from an office and the super touristy areas. This is a fabulous guide of some 'off the beaten track' parts of London for an already savvy traveler.  View Post


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