• Casa Connelly: Our 2020 Projects Begin!

    I announced at the end of last year that Adam and  I were embarking on some pretty intense house projects this year! 2019 was an odd year and a lot of our extra money went to travel and not finishing off this space. We would love to live in our home for a bit when it's all re-done so were on boar... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee Bookclub 2020: Our February Read

    The January blues are finally gone and I'm welcoming in the February chills with lots of snuggly blankets and good books. My 2019 bookclub was AMAZING and writing my monthly post here has been so much fun. It has kept me excited to read for fun, explore my local bookstore, and get a littles less ... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee Feedback Survey 2020

    It's that time of year again where I am planning, goal casting, and reflecting on my little business as I prepare for the next year!  I always find this task really stressful and exciting. Making changes and being critical of my choices, finances, and projects can be a bit depressing and judgemen... View Post
  • Christmas Cheer Spotify Playlist

    Just doing my part to spread some Christmas cheer! I've rounded up my favorite holiday music. I use this when I am making cards, baking cookies, and wrapping the presents.  Listen to the full playlist HERE and I've also embedded a little preview below! View Post
  • Gift Wrap DIY: How To Create The Most Adorable Boho Wrap

    I have been so excited to show you guys the gift wrap I am doing this year! I wanted a way to use up a bunch of the party goodies, craft supplies, and sparkly things in my studio so I decided to go a bit bohemian with this year packaging!  To show off all the bits and bobs, I decided to use a sim... View Post
  • Our Favorite Ornaments From Handmade To High Street

    When I was I was little my mom would take us to the local art museum in Syrcause, New York called The Everson, to attend The Festival Of The Trees! This festival was one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. The galleries were filled with large trees that were themed and covered in TONS o... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee December Bookclub: Our Favorite Christmas Classics

    It is the last month of the year and the last post of 2019 with my book picks! I decided to do something a little different since I am heading back to the USA and fully intend of reading these to my little nieces (or to myself)! These books are NOT just for kids!   My mom always had this BIG bask... View Post
  • Casa Connelly: My 2020 House Goals

    Adam and I could potentially be the slowest home fixer-uppers known to mankind! After doing all total kitchen refurbishment ourselves a couple of years ago we took a MASSIVE break from doing anything crazy. If you've ever done a big project than you know that a break is and was very much needed! ... View Post


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