• Valentine Gingerbread Cookies

    I am a huge sucker for baking during the holidays and Valentine's, as you know, is my favorite! 

    I was just saying to Adam that Valentine's Day when your a teenager or just starting to date IS SO AWKWARD. It's like a weird pressure to have an amazing date night out on the town for no reason. PSA alert. There is no need to book a crazy restaurant and buy roses. I love to avoid the pressure and celebrate the season by baking, making crafts, and then settling in for a rom-com and some fancy nachos the night of! 

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  • Casa Connelly: Our Guest Room Inspiration

    Have you guys watched the infamous Marie Kondo show on Netflix? I had actually heard all about 'sparking joy'  from the Marie Kondo book and then from a hilarious reference in Gilmore Girls when Emily Gilmore attempts to throw out her entire home. 

    I watched one episode and was pleasantly surprised to find my 2019 goal to get rid of what we don't need AND to focus on storage space was right on trend. YASSSS!

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  • New Year, New Goals!

    Our 2019 goal casting has been on fire recently! We've been doing a lot of behind the scenes decision making and 2019 is gonna BE BIG! 

    I know that many people find a new year daunting but I really love starting fresh and taking some time at the beginning of the year to look back, reflect, and make changes. It's such a wonderful opportunity to do things differently and take a step back to look at the big picture. 

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  • 10 Ways To Revamp Your Office Space

    I keep turning to Adam and saying 'NEW YEAR. NEW ME!'. I mean that in the best way possible. I don't plan to totally change who I am (no one panic!) I really just love opportunities to take a look back and see what worked, what was awful, and mash that all up with our new ideas for the year. View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee DIY: Applique Jumper DIY

    I have had this DIY in my back pocket for a long time and I finally got the time to go shoot it's AWESOMENESS this past weekend. This DIY was so much fun to make and one of the easiest things I've ever done on the blog. View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee DIY: Forest Animal Gift Wrap

    I came up with this idea a couple weeks ago and then became totally obsessed making these critters! So drumroll please.....! Today we're launching forest animal gift wrap to go along with our tree! It's such a cute alternative option for small and large gifts under the tree this year.  View Post


My name is Marisa and I am the illustrator, owner, and DIY Queen. Our mission at The Fuzzy Bee is to celebrate the everyday with fun, laughter, and yes, some SASS! 

We strive to do this by creating proucts and content you LOVE! Or at least we hope you do! We're so excited to have you here at Fuzzy Bee HQ to hang out with us! Whoop Whoop!