• 15 Products I'm Lovin For Autumn!

    Spoiler alert! MY favorite season is totally HERE! I see autumn coming a mile away and I go crazy with the anticipation of pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and all those beautiful colors.  This year I am trying to celebrate all that is fall! I've already booked our tickets to go to the local pumpki... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee City Crawl: Richmond, Virginia

    Annnndddd we're BACK! Adam and I just returned from a two-week vacation in the USA. It was a much needed holiday to see family, get some major vitamin D, and visit some of my amazing friends in the US that we rarely get to see. We started off our trip in Richmond for the amazing wedding of our fr... View Post
  • 12 Small Business Tools I Can't Live Without!

    It's been a little while since I FULLY updated you fellow makers and shakers with some of the tools I use daily! Running a small business is FREAKING HARD! And while we're all rising and grinding every day, I think it's nice to stop and learn from each other every once in a while. Some of the bes... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee Bookclub: Our July Read

    GUYS! I'm actually releasing the book club read at the BEGINNING of the month! WHOOP! I'm going to try releasing them within the first couple days of the month from now on so you get a full 4 weeks to hang out with me and read!  This month I picked a book that was on multiple suggested reading li... View Post
  • The Most Delicious Giant Compost Cookie Cake!

    One of my favorite things to do is use up all the extra, loose, and random baking items I have in the house! There is no better way to do this than making a jumbo chocolate chip compost cookie!  They are SOOO delicious and they are PERFECT for the random bake sale, party, potluck, or weekend quic... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee Book Club: Our June Read

    Can you guys even believe it's summer?! It's totally crazy and I feel like the time is flying by. Adam and I planned a holiday at the end of the month to the US to visit family and attend a friends wedding and it's going to be here in about 10 DAYS! GAHHH! You know what that means, I need to get ... View Post
  • What Is A Party Without A Goody Bag?!

    I miss being a kid and getting the worlds most baller goody bags! Throwback to the days of getting cool pens, candy, and yoyo's in an adorably curated bag! When I was creating the Fuzzy Bee party boxes I knew goody bags were a MUST and I'm on a total mission to bring em back for ADULTS!  This cut... View Post
  • My Quick Guide To Packing For Any Trip!

    GUESS WHAT! I am officially on vacation! WHOOP! Adam and I are headed to the airport for some much-needed sun! I could not be more excited and I am really chuffed to visit some new places and get lots of new inspiration along the way! This trip was WAY less stressful than normal because I'm a tot... View Post


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