• Fuzzy Bee Book Club: Our June Read

    Can you guys even believe it's summer?! It's totally crazy and I feel like the time is flying by. Adam and I planned a holiday at the end of the month to the US to visit family and attend a friends wedding and it's going to be here in about 10 DAYS! GAHHH! You know what that means, I need to get ... View Post
  • What Is A Party Without A Goody Bag?!

    I miss being a kid and getting the worlds most baller goody bags! Throwback to the days of getting cool pens, candy, and yoyo's in an adorably curated bag! When I was creating the Fuzzy Bee party boxes I knew goody bags were a MUST and I'm on a total mission to bring em back for ADULTS!  This cut... View Post
  • My Quick Guide To Packing For Any Trip!

    GUESS WHAT! I am officially on vacation! WHOOP! Adam and I are headed to the airport for some much-needed sun! I could not be more excited and I am really chuffed to visit some new places and get lots of new inspiration along the way! This trip was WAY less stressful than normal because I'm a tot... View Post
  • Ain't No Party Like A Hen Party!

    If you guys have been following me over on the gram then you know the level of dedication it took to get this shoot done! One of my favorite places to do a balloon shoot is this abandoned skate park over in the east side of Glasgow. SHHH! I can't tell you where it is otherwise I'd catch you all d... View Post
  • 12 New Prints Are TOTALLY Here!

    I haven't been level 10 excited in a long time! When I did the survey last year you guys ALL asked for MORE PRINTS! It was like a chant in my brain. I'm not gonna lie, I really struggle to create prints. A lot of the prints in the shop are still the ones I made five years ago when I first moved t... View Post
  • DIY No Weave Wall Hanging

    This has been one of those DIY's that I started last Christmas (EEK!) and it has been laying half done in my master bedroom for the past six months. Of course, by the time I went back to the project earlier this month I had TOTALLY different ideas for what I wanted to do!  The whole project start... View Post
  • Our 2019 Summer Line + Pool Float Must Haves!

    I can always tell summer is coming when Glasgow has little peeps of sunshine and some magical days with NO RAIN! There was an incredible week, last month, where the sun was shining EVERY DAY. #UNREAL  I went back and forth on releasing a summer line but I had a couple of cute designs I had prepar... View Post
  • Fuzzy Bee Book Club: Our May Read

    Recently I've been talking about how I am doing things for ME. I wanted to talk a little bit about that. I have a tendency to just put my head down and do my daily tasks for my business, chores, relationships. Usually, I poke my head out once every 2-3 months when I get in a funk and I go through... View Post


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