• We're Launching Our Fuzzy Bee Brand Ambassadors Club!

    I've been wanting to hang out with you for a while! The Fuzzy Bee Insiders group opened a couple months ago and it's such a cool place to get the news about our freebies and sales FIRST. 

    So I had a crazy idea! I would love some of you crazy awesome fans to start working with me as a FABULOUS BRAND AMBASSADOR. I explain a little bit more below on why I want to get this girl gang started :)

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  • When You Have a Cookie Dough Obsession...

    Ok, I have a total cookie dough obsession. I saw a version of this cake and I knew it was meant to be in my mouth lol! It's the perfect combination of cookie dough, chocolate, and whipped cream. If you love an indulgent cake, THIS IS FOR YOU.  I wanted to release this recipe just in time for Vale... View Post

    I'm a total last minute Sally for 99% of my personal life. I know I'm not alone!!! And Valentine's is the worst for this kind of thing. No matter HOW much you love your friend or lovaaa, you normally hustle to get a card or some candy the night before. Facepalm. 

    Naturally, I was racking my brain for something sweet to give you guys this Valentine's (that can also pair with being SOOO last minute!) and I thought you were VERY deserving of another FREE PRINTABLE! 

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  • 'Total Babe Cave' DIY Wall Art Banner

    Over the weekend, I was feeling like I was drowning in my own Marisa made swamp. I never really cleaned my studio since Christmas and I felt like everything was piling up on me. By Monday, enough was enough!!! LOL! 

    In the span of 24 hours, I took everything out, organized all of my products, painted my studio, AND made myself some new fabulous wall art!!!

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  • 15 Valentine's Gifts That Aren't Chocolate!

    You guys know that we love to do a round up for every holiday! We're so excited this year to launch or Valentine roundup! It's filled with lots of new Fuzzy Bee goodies and some of our favorite pink and heart filled items from Etsy! 

    We always love to give little gifts to our Galentine squad and family. It's a nice way to send something small to say, 'I'm thinking about you!' 

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  • Valentine Gingerbread Cookies

    I am a huge sucker for baking during the holidays and Valentine's, as you know, is my favorite! 

    I was just saying to Adam that Valentine's Day when your a teenager or just starting to date IS SO AWKWARD. It's like a weird pressure to have an amazing date night out on the town for no reason. PSA alert. There is no need to book a crazy restaurant and buy roses. I love to avoid the pressure and celebrate the season by baking, making crafts, and then settling in for a rom-com and some fancy nachos the night of! 

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My name is Marisa and I am the illustrator, owner, and DIY Queen. Our mission at The Fuzzy Bee is to celebrate the everyday with fun, laughter, and yes, some SASS! 

We strive to do this by creating proucts and content you LOVE! Or at least we hope you do! We're so excited to have you here at Fuzzy Bee HQ to hang out with us! Whoop Whoop!